The Journey Matters.

Friends School of Baltimore is an independent Quaker school founded in 1784 serving students in Pre-K through 12th grade.

Baltimore's First School

As Baltimore’s first school, Friends has pioneered innovative teaching and learning since 1784. Throughout our 240-year history, our commitment to providing an excellent education to our students has remained constant. We are proud of our legacy and our rich history in Baltimore City. 

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Let Your Life Speak

As a Quaker school, Friends is guided by the Quaker testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship, and a core belief that there is that of God in each person. Our students are held to a high standard of personal conduct and challenged to model behaviors that build community and promote equality. 

An Exceptional Education

Friends School’s educational journey emphasizes the mastery of essential skills required to succeed in the world – skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and leadership. Learning occurs in an environment of trust and support where ideas are openly expressed, debated, and tested in real-world applications. We ensure that students have an excellent academic foundation, and teach them to be active, self-directed learners. 

How Many Ways Can You Be You?

Friends School’s holistic approach to education allows students to explore and excel across a broad range of activities in academics, athletics, and arts. Our schedule is deliberately designed to guide students out of the safe lane of their own familiar interests because we know that it is the best way to teach our students about themselves.

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Quaker Nation

Our athletic program embodies our core Quaker values and develops in our athletes the qualities of collaboration, resilience, teamwork, communication, and leadership.

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When FRIENDS is your school,
Baltimore is your classroom

At Friends School of Baltimore, you will learn how to make connections, cross boundaries, and build upon the best in Baltimore.

Through our deep and ever-evolving relationships with our fellow citizens, we will help you access the people and institutions doing some of the most innovative and exciting work in our city, allowing you to contribute to the greater good while developing the skills you need to thrive beyond our campus. When Friends is your school Baltimore is your classroom.

College Matriculations

Logo for Community College of Baltimore County. The letters CCBC and a circular shape with straight lines, similar to a compass.


Joseph Badros ’21

I've been at Friends since I was four. Back then, my parents thought small classes and Quaker philosophy might suit me long term— and they were right!

Kayla Kurtz ’21

I decided to go into nursing because I have always wanted to help people, that’s the simple answer. More specifically, I want to be a nurse because there is a lack of representation of biracial women in the medical field. I want to be a nurse that never places judgements on their patients. I want my patients to feel safe and secure with me, no matter how they identify.

Elaine Kwon ’08

Unlike past schools I’d attended prior to joining Friends, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the teachers at Friends wanted to connect with me and see me as a holistic, self-autonomous individual. They weren’t here to coddle me when I made mistakes, nor to treat me in an unbalanced power dynamic of super teacher vs. inferior student. The culture at Friends influences teachers and students to see one another as humans – constantly evolving, learning, and always treating one another with respect and understanding. Because of that, I have countless memories of joy, peace, and excitement when I think back on my time at Friends.

Elaine Kwon is one of the Founding and Managing Partners at Kwontified, an ecommerce management and software company.

Nick Silbergeld ’04

Friends placed an emphasis on community service and reaching out to those from other backgrounds. This instilled in me a sense of responsibility to explore ways I could combine what I was good at with something that would make a positive impact. After immersing myself living in and working with an indigenous community in Central America, I paired that experience with my background in finance to pursue an impact investing career. I now invest in organizations and projects that are dedicated to solving inequalities and protecting our planet. The Friends mantra of using your knowledge and circumstances to make a difference played a large role in where I am today.

Nick is a director at HASI, a leading climate-positive investment firm that actively partners with clients to deploy real assets that facilitate the energy transition.

Friends School student