Diversity, Equity & Social Justice

Fostering a community that promotes diversity and equality

It's our values-based Quaker education, a 300-year-old tradition that helps us create and sustain an inclusive community that promotes diversity and equality in all forms — in race, religion, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomics, sexual orientation, as well as learning style and opinion.

We encourage respect for the variety of beliefs and backgrounds reflected in and shared by everyone, through day-to-day activities, curriculum, and school-wide celebrations. We know that children thrive when they are allowed to learn safe in an environment where they will be supported by the adults and their peers.

Statement of Respect

At Friends School of Baltimore, our Quaker values and commitment to being an inclusive and constructive learning environment compel us to uphold the dignity of all individuals at all times. We practice George Fox’s belief that there is “that of God in everyone,” and hold ourselves accountable for the intention and impact of our behavior and speech. Friends School opposes and actively addresses hurtful language and behavior, especially that which demeans or discriminates based on race, ethnicity, ability, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or any attributes of identity. We believe that such acts are harmful to individuals, divisive within our community and corrosive to society. Friends School engages in open dialogue, embraces diverse perspectives, and celebrates difference. We also insist that all discourse, however controversial or well-intended, must always be respectful in tone, in content and, ultimately, must support the Quaker value of inclusivity.

Students and Diversity Work

Students have many opportunities to participate in diversity work, both inside and outside the classroom. Children in all three divisions engage in a variety of activities, from the Kids of Color group and the African American Mentoring Program to International Movie Night and cultural competency training.

Students also attend regional and national diversity conferences, and interested Upper School students may choose to lead a Middle School diversity conference.

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice

Diversity work is integrated throughout the community and curriculum:
  • We provide leadership and guidance for equitable and inclusive decision-making throughout the school. 
  • We facilitate workshops for students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and trustees around topics of diversity, equity, and social justice. 
  • Parents, faculty, staff, and trustees work to advance the objectives outlined in the Board of Trustees’ 2008 Diversity Plan in a variety of ways including Diversity Council, Parent Affinity Groups, and the Equity and Inclusion Committee. 
Sarah Meteyer
Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
5114 North Charles Street | Baltimore, MD 21210 | 410-649-3200
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