Faculty Highlight: Diana White, Second Grade

Faculty Highlight: Diana White, Second Grade

For more than 230 years, Friends School’s educational journey has equally emphasized the mastery of content with the mastery of essential skills required to succeed in the world - skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and empathy - to name a few. Meet some of our outstanding faculty who guide our students through this journey each and every day.

Diana White, Second Grade Homeroom Teacher
B.A., Rider University; M.S.Ed., University of Pennsylvania
At Friends since 2018

Q. Why did you choose Friends and/or what do you love about teaching at Friends?
A. I chose Friends initially because I had taught at a Friends School in Philadelphia (Germantown Friends School) and found it to be one of the most rewarding teaching experiences of my career. I embraced the philosophy and found the Quaker SPICES (simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, stewardship) to be aligned with my own personal values. I took a hiatus from teaching to raise my four children. When I returned to the classroom, I looked for a place that would allow me the autonomy to share my life experience, creativity and knowledge while still being able to learn and grow along with my students. Now in my fifth year at Friends, I can truly say that this is where I am meant to be.

Q. What do you love about teaching your subject(s) in particular?
After three years in the Pre-Primary, where I taught kindergarten, I moved to second grade last year. Not only did I have the pleasure of teaching some of my former students again, but I found second grade to be the ‘sweet spot’ where students are reading and writing independently, yet still eager and excited about coming to school every day. I am in a position to foster their growth in all subject areas, and I get to introduce cursive writing. One of my favorite things is sharing children’s literature with the class, especially when we discover new talent in picture books.

Q. How do the Lower School curriculum and teaching at Friends School prepare students to be successful?
A. The Lower School curriculum is rich and well-rounded. My approach is to make connections with the students in order for them to become informed thinkers and doers. I value our morning meetings each day and I try to make learning fun, so it is something they remember with fondness.

Q. Something fun about you - a motto or hobby, perhaps?
A. I used to say I put the "KIND" in kindergarten.  Now I have to come up with a new motto - hmmm... I love my class, my community and my family.