Faculty Highlight: Megan Wilberton, Eighth-Grade English Teacher, English Department Coordinator, Grade Level Coordinator

Faculty Highlight: Megan Wilberton, Eighth-Grade English Teacher, English Department Coordinator, Grade Level Coordinator

For almost 240 years, Friends School’s educational journey has equally emphasized the mastery of content with the mastery of essential skills required to succeed in the world - skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and empathy - to name a few. Meet some of our outstanding faculty who guide our students through this journey each and every day.

Megan Wilberton
Eighth-Grade English Teacher
English Department Coordinator
Grade Level Coordinator
At Friends since 2016

Q. Why did you choose Friends and/or what do you love about teaching at Friends?

I started my teaching career at a Quaker school in the Philadelphia area, and I spent 17 years teaching high school English in various boarding schools in New England and the mid-Atlantic; however, I always knew that I wanted to return to a Quaker school when my children were of school age. I knew I wanted them to have a Quaker education. When the job teaching Middle School at Friends opened, I didn’t think twice about submitting my resume. Beyond my search for a Quaker school, I was attracted to coming back to Baltimore, a city I have loved since my undergraduate days. 

My favorite part about teaching at Friends is the students. They are deeply empathetic humans who care about each other and the world. They are strong leaders who are intellectually curious.       

Q. What do you love about teaching English in particular?

I love analyzing literature and discussing the themes and messages within; I get to watch my students gain a deeper understanding of human behavior and the impact it has on individuals and society as a whole. Through this exploration, I hope to inspire 8th graders to become empathetic and responsible citizens who actively work towards creating a more compassionate and just society.

Q. How does the Middle School curriculum and teaching at Friends School prepare students to be successful?

Our curriculum recognizes the developmental stages of early adolescence, which anyone who has been through middle school knows are significant. We understand that students at this age are going through emotional, intellectual, and physical changes, and face many challenges. Our Middle School provides a balanced approach that fosters academic growth, personal development, and social-emotional well-being. By offering a variety of learning experiences and opportunities for self-exploration, we empower our students to become confident, compassionate, and successful individuals.

Q. Something fun about you - a motto or hobby, perhaps? 

I love language, I am competitive, and I am a Philadelphia sports fan (Go Birds!). I have lived in Japan where I taught American Literature to English majors at a women’s Catholic junior college, and I have lived in England where I worked to build lacrosse programs around the world. After Japan, I bought an around-the-world ticket, and traveled the world alone for several months.