Mat Lane P'21, '27 and Dan Rodricks' P'08, '11 Creative Collaboration

Mat Lane P'21, '27 and Dan Rodricks' P'08, '11 Creative Collaboration

Our very own private music coordinator and choral accompanist, Mat Lane, who is the father of Ana ’21 and Nicholas ‘27, husband of middle school music teacher Rebecca Rossello ’92,

will be accompanying Dan Rodricks, former Friends School drama department collaborator, father of Julia ’11 and Nick ’08, in the upcoming play, “Baltimore, You Have No Idea.” 

Dan, who wrote the play and is the star of the show, is a longtime columnist for The Baltimore Sun, winner of numerous national and regional journalism awards, a radio and TV personality, podcaster, and fly angler. His narrative memoir, "Father's Day Creek," was published in May 2019 by Apprentice House at Loyola University Maryland. 

Mat Lane wrote the music for the play. In addition to working at Friends School he is Director of Music at The St. Jude Shrine in Baltimore, and regular accompanist for The Maryland State Boychoir. Previously, he was adjunct instructor of piano at Goucher College from 2000-2020, and Music Director for Young Actors Theatre in Owings Mills, MD from 2016-2019.

The play, as described on the website is, “A theatrical memoir, Rodricks brings to life from the wings some of the many people he has encountered and described in more than 6,000 columns for Baltimore’s daily newspaper since 1979 -- a woman who married into a Baltimore crime family, the political boss of bosses, soldiers who served in World War II, a former drug dealer trying to build a new life after prison, a woman mourning her son, criminals who were "guilty but mostly stupid," a model train collector who made a guy cry. The multi-media show includes a new and original song about Baltimore. You’ll laugh. You’ll Cry. You’ll Sigh.

The show will run on December 2 and 3 at the Meyerhoff Auditorium, at the Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, Maryland. For more information and to purchase tickets ($27), click here