Mia Gogel '16 and the Impact of her Quaker Education


Part of Friends School of Baltimore’s mission is, “to foster in young people the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind needed to partner with their communities and to be courageous change-makers in the world.” Since 1784, the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, stewardship, and Quaker practices, like the use of quiet reflection to foster learning and personal growth, have been woven throughout a student’s educational experience. 

When asked what they value most about their education, many alumni mention their academic preparedness for college and beyond, their ability to think critically in challenging situations, their desire to steward their communities and to pause and reflect in their everyday lives. 

Mia Gogel ’16, associate director of government affairs for Baltimore County, was recently featured in a Baltimore Fishbowl article titled, “Lifelong Impact: Four Alums Share How Their Experience Attending Independent School Shaped Them.” In it, she describes two Quaker values that have stuck with her through her work today, community and stewardship. Read more about Mia’s educational journey here