Muggsy Bogues P'05, '09 x Friends School of Baltimore: A Conversation with Muggsy

Muggsy Bogues P'05, '09 x Friends School of Baltimore: A Conversation with Muggsy

On April 12, Friends School will welcome a very special guest to Upper School Collection. Brittney Bogues ‘05 and her father Muggsy Bogues P'05, '09 have teamed up with the Friends School Alumni Office to provide two students the opportunity to interview the NBA legend and Friends School parent . Muggsy will talk with current students Maya Carnes ’22 and Kedrick Curtis ’23 to share his inspiring story of believing in yourself against all odds and rising from the projects in Baltimore to the “Godfather of Small Ball.” 

About Muggsy: Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues was born January 9, 1965, in Baltimore, Maryland. Bogues was the youngest child of Richard and Elaine Bogues. Muggsy grew up along with his two brothers, Richard and Anthony and one sister Sherron in the Lafayette Public housing projects of the city’s east side. There he earned his nickname “Muggsy” from neighborhood playmates.

During his high school junior and senior years, he led Dunbar to gain rank as one of the top high school teams in the United States. He graduated from Wake Forest where the school retired his jersey number. Muggsy was selected 12th in the first round of the NBA draft by the Washington Bullets. He gained plenty of attention with his unique ball handling skills; he could maintain a legal dribble so close to the ground that his knuckles dragged on the floor; and with his high jumper range 44 inch leaps on the court. But the Bullets were among the teams that did not know how to exploit Muggsy’s talent, and his playing time declined as the season went on. As a result, the Bullets didn’t shield him from the expansion draft that occurred when the NBA added teams for the 1988-89 season. He retired from the NBA ranking 16th among all time assist leaders. 

For this Collection, Muggy’s daughter Brittney and fellow Friends School alum Jackie Cross ’06 are coordinating the event on behalf of Bogues Group, an award-winning, Black woman owned, women-led digital marketing agency specializing in communications, public affairs and events. “My dad’s story is proof that you really can accomplish anything with a positive mindset, hard work and dedication. I incorporate what he and the Friends School experience have taught me in my day-to-day life and how I run my business,” Brittney said. “I’m grateful for the chance to work with Friends to share his story with current students and the Friends School community.” 

Muggsy’s memoir Muggsy: My Life from a Kid in the Projects to the Godfather of Small Ball is available for purchase now at


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