Water Rising: NYC - On Display in the Katz Gallery through 10/15

Water Rising: NYC is now on display in the Katz Gallery through October 15. This thoughtful and stunning photography exhibition by Nina Dietz ’15 offers a meditation on the effects of climate change throughout New York City. Read the artist statement below.


New York City has 520 miles of coastline. Some areas of New York are already seeing the effects of climate change. It is not just heat waves, which are increasing in intensity, frequency, and duration everywhere, but also effects that are unique to New York.  Many neighborhoods along the New York City coast are at sea level, and some are already inundated multiple times a month at king tide events and with every storm surge.  The areas hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy are the same areas facing the most bracing prospects of the climate crisis. The Rockaways, southeast Queens, Jamaica Bay, southeast Brooklyn, and the east coast of Staten Island are all facing imminent destruction, either from the slow, creeping sea level rise that will see much of the area below projected sea levels by 2080,  a date well within my lifetime, let alone that of children being born now, or from the next Sandy. Sandy is still very much present for people in these areas of the outer-boroughs where recovery is still a facet of daily life.  As we contend with the inevitability of climate change, it is necessary to take a moment to recognize the effects that have already begun and appreciate the full scope should we act or allow it to go unchecked.