Strengthening our community

The term “sustainability” embodies all that we foster and cultivate at Friends School: critical thinking about the future, collaboration with partners within and beyond our campus, and meaningful actions and behaviors that reflect our core values of simplicity, integrity and stewardship.

The Friends School Sustainability Council was formed to embrace this important concept and put it to work in our community. For example, through our work, we ensure that students:

Learn what it means to live sustainably in Baltimore and on this planet when they assess Stony Run’s water quality, debate environmental policy, and create miniature ecosystems to study the process of decomposition.

Collaborate with peers by growing food in the Friends Community Garden for CARES food pantry, partnering with the Guilford Garden Club to maintain Friends' award-winning Native Plant Teaching Gardens, and tagging Monarch butterflies for migratory studies.

Act in meaningful ways by recycling and composting waste, sponsoring clothing and sports equipment swaps, and educating the community about water conservation.

How do I join?

We invite everyone — faculty, students, parents and staff — to join us and work together to strengthen and grow sustainability initiatives within the school and the greater community. 
Have ideas for how Friends can become more sustainable? Questions? Contact us at sustainability@friendsbalt.org.
5114 North Charles Street | Baltimore, MD 21210 | 410-649-3200
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