Academics at Friends

Look up the word "rigorous" in any dictionary and you'll find words like inflexible, hard and even cruel in the definition.  And yet, independent schools boast about rigorous academics like it's something to celebrate.  When schools focus on the trappings of rigorous academic and ignore the other essential elements of a meaningful education, they do a disservice to their students.

At Friends School of Baltimore, we've intentionally replaced the phrase "rigorous academics" with vigorous education,  where students demonstrate effort, energy, and enthusiasm. For more than 230 years, our educational journey has equally emphasized the mastery of content with the mastery of essential skills required to succeed in the world - skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration and empathy - to name a few.  

These foundational pieces of your vigorous education at Friends School don't just complement and enhance our strong academics - they are also key ingredients for a life well-lived.

We invite you to discover what a vigorous and challenging educational experience looks like. Visit Us.

Lower School

Grades PK - 5

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Signature Programs

Our Signature Programs make it possible for students to engage in a variety of challenging academic and co-curricular programs to explore their interests and passions.

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Middle School

Grades 6 - 8

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Library and Technology

Our librarians and technology educators work in tandem to integrate into the curriculum a variety of skills that promote active, student-centered learning.

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Upper School

Grades 9 - 12

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Teaching and Learning

Our teachers challenge students to master the fundamentals and reach beyond their existing knowledge to take ownership of their learning and explore their full potential. 

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