Lower School (Grades PK-5)

A transformational education for young learners

Friends’ academic structure ensures that students in pre-K through grade five have a strong foundation in the traditional subjects — math, science, history, languages, and literature — and are encouraged to develop a capacity for innovative skills, such as collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. 

In other words, our transformational approach to academics allows young learners to begin to master the essential skills and discover their own intellectual curiosity in an environment that both nurtures and challenges them. Our classrooms are vibrant, joyful learning places, where children feel safe and where age-appropriate risk taking and mistake making are supported.

We believe that cultivating these skills in our children is critically important to their development as students and as people. Our goal is to prepare Lower Schoolers for success not only at the secondary and collegiate levels but also as they enter the real world of today — and tomorrow.
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