A hands-on approach to education

The “maker movement,” a technological and creative thinking and learning revolution underway around the world, has taken hold at Friends School. We offer dedicated spaces in all three academic divisions, where students of all ages can roll up their sleeves and design creative solutions.

Our MakerSpaces are defined by their interchangeability and functionality, rather than a specific discipline: each space is intentionally designed to serve as a wood shop, garage, science lab, and art studio — or all rolled into one.

MakerSpaces allow students to design, create, prototype, and test. MakerSpaces foster a creative response and extension of what takes place in the traditional classroom.

The MakerSpace Program is one of the many ways that Friends School prepares students for the future — by instilling the confidence to challenge, inquire, and take action.
“The Maker movement in the field of education is not so much a new breakthrough as a rediscovery of a self-evident truth — that humans have an innate drive to actively fashion often with our own hands, solutions to the real world needs and challenges we face.”

Matt Micciche
Head of School

Lower School

Kindergarten through 5th graders share “Genius Time” where children are given the opportunity to research subjects that interest them in the MakerSpace.

Middle School

Students sew costumes in social studies, create their own musical instruments in music, and replicate famous Russian buildings in Russian classes.

Upper School

Students develop, prototype, test, and refine projects that use new technologies such as 3D fabrication, small electronics, and robotics, as well as more traditional woodworking and metal power tools.
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