Physical Education

Physical Education

Learning the challenges and joys of physical activity

We believe that our students benefit from experiencing the challenges and joys of physical activity, and our physical education program is designed to be age- and division-appropriate.

Lower School

Through a vibrant physical education program, our Lower School students tumble, run, jump rope, hula-hoop, dance, and learn the proper mechanics of gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and manipulative skills. We provide an engaging learning environment that is centered on values of teamwork, resilience, and fairness. We begin most units by covering skill based activities, gross motor skills, and building positive relationships within cooperative physical activities.  

Middle School 

Students have the opportunity to be curious about a wide range of lifetime fitness and sport related activities. Through various skill drills and cooperative activities students will continue to develop their critical thinking skills, creativity and reflection. During individual and team sport activities, students will learn the value of good sportsmanship, positive leadership skills, and empathy.

Upper School

Physical education classes, complemented by interscholastic sports, help develop healthy, well-rounded students and encourage a fitness lifestyle that provides for future enjoyment of leisure time opportunities. Our current program allows students to participate in such classes as Fitness, Yoga, Mindfulness, CPR and Dance Studio.