Inspired Institute

The Institute for Public Involvement & Responsible Dialogue (INSPIRED)

INSPIRED is working to build a culture of responsible dialogue on campus that will both model best practices for building and sustaining community as well as prepare the School for fuller engagement in wider civic conversations. 

Schools are struggling with how to respond to some of the more troubling dynamics of modern American society, from the polarization of opinions to growing disparities in resources. Leveraging our unique position as a Quaker school, Friends has the opportunity and the obligation to show that it is possible to engage in spirited discussions about contentious issues while also respecting, listening to, and learning from those with whom one disagrees. We seek to be local and even national leaders in developing curriculum and practices that schools can use to change the tone of the conversations around the most challenging issues we face (race, class, social and ecological justice, immigration, etc.) and to give students opportunities to take meaningful action on these issues.

By forming The Institute for Public Involvement & Responsible Dialogue (Inspired), Friends School has become a laboratory and a model for a better way of understanding and acting upon these critically important issues.