Peer Educators

The Christopher O’Neil Peer Education Program invites selected high school students to present lessons to younger students on how to make healthy choices and discuss physical and emotional well-being. The program is supported in more than 15 independent schools in the Baltimore area through a foundation created by Pam and Tom O’Neil in memory of their son, Christopher, who was killed in 1992 at the age of 17 in an automobile accident involving a teenage drunk driver. 

The program seeks to promote healthy decisions by addressing attitudes that often lead to risky behaviors. The intent of the program is to encourage critical thinking and leadership among our students. Student lessons challenge attitudes that may result in risky behaviors and promote healthy alternatives. Peer teaching provides a solid model for younger students, and encourages constructive and thoughtful discussions on a variety of topics important to them.

Faculty members select and train our peer educators with the goal of assembling a team with a range of individual talents, interests, and abilities.

Each member school is provided the flexibility to tailor the program to its student population and needs. The schools do communicate and share ideas with regards to structure, training, curriculum, and implementation.