University Partnerships

Connecting our students to college professors

At Friends School, students don't have to wait until they graduate to work with collegiate-level thought leaders. 

In 2011, we launched the University Partnership Program, a unique interdisciplinary program through which students partner and work directly with professors, researchers, and others in colleges and universities around the country, in subjects ranging from neuroscience and engineering to urban renewal, political science, the arts, and more. Highlights of the program include a history/English elective in which juniors and seniors assist professors at Duke University with ongoing research on slavery and an infectious disease project for which 6th Grade Science students diagnose and present  “patients” in front of visiting physicians.

We believe that collaboration of this kind — applying classroom skills and knowledge to real-world problem-solving — inspires students to think deeply and act in new and exciting ways, and prepares them for success tomorrow. It also fosters in our children an enduring passion for learning, which is critically important to their development as students and as people.
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