Upper School (Grades 9-12)

Putting a college-prep education to the test

In their final four years at Friends, our Upper School students begin to combine and refine all that they’ve learned — including both a mastery of the fundamentals and a capacity for innovation, collaboration and creative thinking. 

In the Upper School, we believe that a college preparatory curriculum extends beyond the scope of what is taught and encompasses the diverse learning experiences that students will encounter in the future. We provide a variety of teaching styles and practices so that students can become more nimble, adaptable, and flexible in their learning. Students move fluidly between traditional teacher-directed, content-rich learning to more progressive, inquiry-based environments, and the approaches that fall somewhere in between. Our University Partnership and Extradisciplinary Certification programs, for example, provide experiential, collaborative learning environments that encourage students to think about and understand themselves and the world around them in new and exciting ways. 

Our transformational approach to education ensures that students in grades nine through twelve are both grounded in a traditional curriculum and allowed to explore and expand their talents and skills. We believe that cultivating this expertise in our children is critically important to their development as students and as people.

For more information about our Upper School course offerings, please click here to view the Course Guide. 
Steve McManus
Upper School Principal
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