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Friends School of Baltimore’s Global Engagement Program provides academically motivated young men and women who are interested in studying abroad with an innovative curriculum, where academics, arts, and athletics all play an integral role. Within our diverse and caring community, international students will challenge themselves, discover hidden strengths, and interests and take advantage of all that a Friends education has to offer—from music and dance ensembles to robotics, competitive athletics, and a wide variety of after-school clubs.

International Applicant Instructions

Interested international students should complete the steps below:
  1. Create a Friends School account and fill out the International Student Application.
  2. Submit a TOEFL Jr. or TOEFL Score. ISEE and SSAT scores are accepted, in addition to the TOEFL, but are not required and may not replace TOEFL
  3. Students must submit two referral forms and transcripts. Friends will accept any additional information on an applicant.
  4. Students from mainland China are encouraged to contact Vericant to set up an interview.
  5. Skype interviews with our Admission team are available on an invitation-only basis once a student has applied.


The application deadline for all international students is March 1st. Friends School will accept applications and provide admission decisions on a rolling basis. We recommend international students apply in advance of the deadline to ensure availability.


Upon acceptance and enrollment at Friends, international students will begin working with our Host Family Liaison. Our Host Family Liaison provides a personalized search process that includes Skype meetings with potential families and a thoughtful placement to ensure our international students are comfortable with their new host families.
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    • Students Gathering

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 16 frequently asked questions.

  • What is Friends School tuition for hosted international students?

    Tuition for international students is $57,000 for the 2018-2019 school year. International student tuition includes: room and board (host family),  medical insurance, books and electronic texts, personal device,  gym uniforms, a daily dining credit, specialized college counseling, online mentoring with Menor Collective,  a yearly college visit trip, cultural enrichment activities, and fees associated with smaller trips.  Additionally, all international students receive support through the Upper School Dean of Student Life as well as an academic advisor.
  • Do international students board or do a homestay?

    International students at Friends reside with host families.  Homestays are managed by Friends School under the coordination of the Upper School Dean of Student Life and the Host Family Liaison. 
  • Other than tuition, what additional fees can I expect?

    Most student expenses are included in tuition, with the exceptions of optional field trips, school supplies, athletic equipment, and additional electronics. 
  • Are there age restrictions for admission?

    Friends School will not accept international applicants under the age of 14.
  • Is there financial aid available for international students?

    At this time, there is not financial assistance available for international students.
  • How and when will I learn about the admission decision?

    For all International Students the deadline for Applications is March 1st. Friends School will accept applications and provide admission decisions on a rolling basis.  We recommend International Students apply in advance of the deadline to ensure space availability. International students are notified of our admission decision by email.
  • Does Friends School provide on campus housing during school vacations?

    Friends School does not provide on campus housing during school vacations. However, the school will help students find a host family or an extracurricular travel opportunity.
  • What opportunities does Friends School offer for extracurricular activities?

    Friends fosters a culture  of active participation in School life by building time into the schedule so that students may participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities. A typical Friends student plays a sport, participates in the arts (such as music, dance, theater or visual arts) and is involved in community service. Friends also offers more than 60 clubs, including the Robotics Team, Book Club, Chess Club, Habitat for Humanity, Mock Trial, Student Diversity Council, Kinetic Sculpture and Vespa Club. Students with unique hobbies or passions can even start their own club to share their interests with classmates!
  • How does Friends School support my involvement in the wider school community?

    Through our Friendship Families, International Ambassadors, Friends Across Borders, and Community Service programs, international students are able to participate fully in the community outside of the school day.
  • Does Friends School require that I participate in an orientation program?

    Yes, once an international student is admitted to Friends School, the family will be contacted by Shearwater International's Mentor Collective program to begin a virtual orientation conducted by Friends School alumni.  Additionally, all first-year Friends School students (international and domestic) attend our Smart Start Program;  this week-long orientation includes campus tours, panel discussions about School culture and social life, writing workshops, a Chromebook primer, an introduction to Quakerism, fun introduction games with new friends,  and more.
  • Does Friends School offer an ESL Program?

    Friends School does not offer ESL.  While the school provides a supportive foundation for students for whom English is not their primary language, students should have a good command of the English language prior to their arrival at Friends.
  • In what grades may international students apply for admission?

    Friends School accepts international students for 9th or 10th grade.  A consideration for admission for the 11th grade will only be made for students who have been studying in the U.S. for one year and are interested in transferring to Friends.
  • What is the application process for an international applicant?

    International students should apply for admission through the Friends School website. Along with their application, the applicant should submit their TOEFL  score.  Vericant interviews are highly recommended at any point in the process and Skype interviews are offered by invitation. On-campus visits are welcomed if possible. Once all application materials have been submitted, our admission team will review the entire application and issue an admission decision via email.
  • Which standardized tests does Friends School of Baltimore require?

    Friends School requires international students to submit a TOEFL Jr. or TOEFL Score.  TOEFL is preferred.  The ISEE and SSAT are accepted in addition to the TOEFL, but are not required and may not replace the TOEFL.
  • Why do international students apply to Friends School of Baltimore?

    International Students apply for admission to Friends School of Baltimore because they desire a truly innovative curriculum where academics, arts, and athletics are all an integral part of a student’s education in a school environment where the Quaker testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship are deeply valued.
  • How many international students currently attend Friends School of Baltimore?

    Currently, there are 12 international students from three different countries attending the Friends School of Baltimore.
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