Helping students foster and express their creativity

Friends offers a comprehensive dance program beginning in kindergarten that allows students to foster and express their creativity. As both an art form and a discipline, our dance program develops the overall dancer with a curriculum that explores dance from many perspectives: technical, performing, choreographic, and aesthetic. Students are exposed to different forms of dance — from jazz movements in class to creating hip-hop routines after school to performing ballet on stage.  

Dance Performances

Dance classes, teams, and clubs all have opportunities to perform throughout the school year. The Spring Dance Showcase includes performances by Middle and Upper School dance classes as well as after-school ensembles.

Lower School

As part of the physical education curriculum, students experience different elements of dance and self-expression. Children in Pre-K to fourth grade focus on creative movement, while fifth graders learn ballroom dancing.

Middle School

Courses offer students an opportunity to focus on technique and explore their creative potential by learning, analyzing, and performing ballet, modern, and jazz dance. Students can also dance after school in Junior Dance Company.

Upper School

Dance continues to focus on technique but also explores choreographic principles, dance history, and terminology.