Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Embracing the creative process through fine arts

The fine arts program at Friends develops technical abilities and personal vision through the study of a variety of traditional and contemporary media. Creative problem solving, critical thinking and a broad range of experiences build the foundation for deeper understanding, advanced learning, and allow children to unleash their curiosity and explore their full potential.  

We celebrate our students' commitment to completed art projects throughout the year, with a multitude of pieces adorning the hallways. Then each spring,  we take over the entire Friends' gymnasium to display select samples of works created by all students from Pre-K to 12th grade in our All-School Art Show.

Lower School

By exposing our students to a myriad of art forms — not just one or two, students learn that creativity can be expressed in many different ways. They also discover that no two pieces of student artwork will look exactly the same. Students explore world cultural art, experiment with a variety of art forms and materials- ranging from fibers, sculpture, ceramics,  mask making, painting drawing and printmaking and learn how these artforms connect to ancient cultures and people today. 

Middle School

Students are exposed to two and three-dimensional concepts through a wide range of projects, in a broad variety of media, including drawing, painting, cartooning, and more.

Upper School

Upper School offers a wide range of fine arts courses, include drawing, painting, sculpting, printmaking, digital photography, computer imagery, as well as courses for makers (Adaptive Design, Creative Coding).

Student Art Gallery