Friends School fields competitive athletic teams that year in, year out compete for championships. And we do it on our own terms, by promoting high standards for excellence and a healthy perspective on competition.

Because playing to win is what we do; playing with character is who we are.

Our coaches bring top-quality instruction and consistent goals to their programs, training and developing athletes of all abilities, from novice to elite, so that each may contribute positively to a team effort. Long after they leave us, our graduates look back on their athletic experiences – the life-lessons learned on the courts and fields, and the close relationships developed with teammates and coaches – as among the most formative of their Friends education. 

Kara Carlin, Athletic Director

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As a school community, we affirm our commitment to the following:

  • Friends School will provide the best athletic experience possible for each child, creating successful, competitive teams. We strive for excellence and high achievement both individually and collectively, while always upholding the values of the School.
  • Our expectations for the athletic program mirror those for academics and the arts; high standards for all involved, full commitment from adults and students, and continuous, differentiated support that allows every child to fulfill her or his potential. We also seek, as in academics and the arts, to provide preparation and guidance to those students who wish to pursue athletics at the collegiate level.
  • Friends School has consciously fostered a culture of participation that supports the intellectual, physical and personal development of each student.
  • We seek to provide access and equity for all student athletes in all of our athletic programs.
  • Friends School is committed to training and developing athletes at all levels - from novice to elite.
  • We seek to hire coaches who have deep expertise in their sport(s) and proven coaching abilities, and who will strive to embody our Quaker values and philosophy in all aspects of their work with our students.
  • Friends School believes that coaches are educators and role models, dedicated to and responsible for the quality of the learning experience of the students in their care.

Our Athletic Philosophy

At Friends School of Baltimore, we regard our athletic program as an essential part of our curriculum and an important element of our students’ education. We believe that our students benefit from experiencing the challenges and joys of athletic competition and that the learning experiences provided by athletics are unique and important to a child’s development.

Athletics at Friends allows each participant to excel at her or his own level and to reach his or her potential while also committing, alongside teammates, to the vigorous pursuit of common goals. Our athletic program embodies and reinforces the core values of Friends School — simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship — and develops in our student-athletes the critical qualities of resilience, collaboration, sportsmanship, teamwork, communication and leadership.

Through our athletic program, we seek to inspire a lifelong love of sports and a physically active lifestyle. Our goals and our values demand that students and coaches treat each other, officials, and opposing players, coaches and fans with respect, dignity and sportsmanship at all times, and hold themselves to a high level of personal conduct and commitment to the team.