Sports Clinics


Due to our COVID-19 Safety Protocols, Friends Sports Clinics are not being offered at this time.

Friends School of Baltimore sponsors a variety of activities throughout the year that are open to the community. 

All programs are co-ed and open to the public.

Coaching Philosophy

Friends Sports Clinics and Summer at Friends believe that youth participation and engagement in team sports, camps, and other athletic endeavors help provide a foundation for lifelong health.

We welcome players of all ability levels. Our coaches, clinicians, and staff work together to program drills, practices and game experiences that are safe, age-appropriate and promote personal growth and accountability. Programs are designed to foster knowledge of the game, inspire confidence, promote teamwork and good sportsmanship, and build both game-specific and general skills. 

For More Information

Contact the Auxiliary Enterprises Office.

Friends School of Baltimore
ATTN: A.E. Office
5114 N Charles St
Baltimore MD 21210
Phone: 410-649-3218

Office Hours
School Year: Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Summer Hours: Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm 


FSB Lax Clinic Logo

Friends Lax Clinic

fall – ages 6 – 13

Friends Lacrosse Clinic helps prepare players for rec, club, or camp play. The Boy’s and Girl’s clinics are designed for players with some experience, while the coed Skill Builder Clinic is appropriate for beginners. Led by experienced players and coaches, the clinic features small group instruction designed to improve skills. 

FSB Indoor Soccer League Logo

Friends School Indoor Soccer League

winter  - ages 4 – 13

Friends Indoor Soccer League is a recreation-style league with options for boys and girls. The League is home to players of all ability levels, and we encourage competition and good sportsmanship. The Skill Builder Clinic is perfect for beginners. The Cup Tournaments offer a game-based experience, with teams competing in round-robin style tournaments. 

FSB Basketball Clinic Logo

Friends Basketball Clinic

winter  - ages 7 – 13

The Friends Basketball Clinic is designed to foster knowledge of the game, inspire confidence, and promote teamwork. We emphasize skill development and fundamentals; teach basics of basketball principles, contests and game play.