Virtual Learning Begins

Off Campus - Off Campus
Each non-academic office on campus has developed plans for the performance of critical functions from remote locations, in the event of school closure.  If a closure is declared, we will share with you information on those functions you can expect and how to access them.

Every faculty member has developed plans for providing meaningful learning experiences for students if school is closed.  Here are the expectations we’ve set for our teachers:

All Divisions:
  • Distance learning should be designed to provide continuity and to continue progress towards your learning objectives. 
  • Each teacher, in coordination with their grade level or discipline team, will determine and communicate the objectives and activities they consider to be essential; that work which would be necessary in order for a student to continue to move forward in content and skills in that course, class, or grade.  
  • Communication of all assignments and expectations will be posted to myFriends.
  • Students will be able to access and submit assignments through Google Drive.
  • In addition to student assignments, teachers will curate and share other online materials for students to make use of.
  • All students will be notified about the specific materials they should take home with them from school if a closure is anticipated.
  • Each teacher will be online and accessible for an established4 hours each weekday (either 8-12 or 12-4), unless they are ill, to provide real time assistance to students and families, much like office hours. Each teacher will notify students and families of the particular four-hour slot during which they will be available each day.  This is time for students and families to connect with faculty. 
  • If necessary or helpful, we will use the Zoom platform for video-conferencing.  Detailed instructions for using Zoom will be shared if and when they are needed.
  • Advisors and homeroom teachers will reach out to their group at least once a week by email as a way to stay connected.

Lower School:
  • Learning expectations for each area of instruction will be posted to families either daily or weekly on myFriends, either through Bulletin Board (PreK- 2) or Assignment Center (3 - 5).  
  • Tips will be included on how families can best support their child in their learning.  
  • The expectation will be that in addition to any posted assignments, independent reading will be taking place daily.
Middle/Upper School:
  • Learning objectives and assignments will be clearly stated in writing for students and families either daily or weekly in course pages on myFriends.
  • Teachers will communicate with families if students are not posting their assigned work. Families will be expected to communicate with teachers if their student is unable to complete work due to illness.
All of the individuals mentioned below will have posted “office hours” each day as described for teachers above.

Counselors and Learning Specialists:
These individuals will continue to check in with the students they know will need support during this time. They will reach out to teachers for referrals as needed. They will provide the support and resources needed for continued student learning.

College Counselors:
College Counselors will maintain daily office hours (see teacher section above), and will continue to advocate for students with colleges and universities by phone, email, etc.  They will monitor students SCOIR accounts to ensure components of the application are sent in a timely way.

Principals and Assistant Principals:  
Administrators in each division will open channels of communication with teachers, staff, and teams, and will monitor and give feedback on lessons posted.  

IT support: 
Support will be available between 7:45 am and 7:45 pm.  Please email with questions and someone will be in touch with you.
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