Setting the Stage


The School is grateful
for the hard work and dedication 
of our Volunteers
In addition to the members of the Board of Trustees, Parents Association Board, Alumni Association Board, and Campaign Steering Committee, we thank the following volunteers:

Parent Leadership Committee

Norman ’78 and Kathleen Forbush, Co-Chairs
James and Peggy Angelone
Thomas and Carrie Corcoran
Van and Jessica Dorsey
Peter and Julie Garver
Joel and Kimberly Goldberg
Matthew and Laurie Haas
David and Betsey Todd

Parents of Alumni Leadership Committee

Susan and Charles Emrich, Co-Chairs
Susan Filbert, Co-Chair
Jeffrey and Laura Penza, Co-Chairs
Margaret Allen and Philip Perkins
Grant and Margaret Jacks
Dorothy H. Powe
Anne and Roger Powell
Donna Shavers
Gordon and Barbara Shelton
Daryl and Sandra Sidle
William G. Smillie and Linda Rose
Richard and Martha Thayer

Alumni Leadership Committee

Trish Backer-Miceli ’83, Chair
Gale Pyles Hunt '70, National Reunion Co-Chair
Thomas J. Whiteford ’85, National Reunion Co-Chair
Jason M. Berman ’02
Frank Bond, Jr. ’69
Blakely Mikula Hamilton ’93
Barbara Katz
Jennifer Asplen Little ’89
Philip G. McIntyre ’89
Lisa C. McKissick ’83
Rebecca Leonard McWilliams ’97
Leigh C. Weitzmann ’07
Wade B. Wilson ’84
Ann McAllister Windsor ’60
Frank A. Windsor ’58

Faculty & Staff Committee

Anne W. McGinty, Co-Chair
Michael L. McVey, Co-Chair
Heidi Bichler-Harris
Robyn Brody
Merilyn Brothers
Thomas B. Buck
Heidi L. Hutchison
Shannon M. Johnson
Amy D’Aiutolo Mortimer ’87
Joshua Poole
Janelle Milam Schmidt ’96
Judy Turnbaugh
Ken Zalis
"All three of our children had extraordinary experiences at Friends; we couldn’t be more thankful. Even though our youngest graduated 15 years ago, Friends remains a philanthropic priority for our family. The Forbush Building transformation is a vital campus enhancement that will raise the School’s already excellent performing and visual arts programs to new heights."
Lynn and Tony Deering P '89, '93, '99

Community Giving Volunteers

Burck ’88 and Jennifer Smith, Co-Chairs
Bruce and Polly Behrens
Harry J. Connolly ’70
Katherine M. Cox ’70
Jennifer M. D’Agostino ’95
John P. David ’56
Jessica Dorsey
Natalie Santos Ferguson ’90
Michael J. Fine ’95
Whitney Manger Fine ’95
Samuel J. Fisher ’65
C. Joseph Fleury ’00
Justine Alger Forrester ’98
Steven Frenkil ’71
Peter B. Gaines ’95
Gretchen A. Garman ’65
Jenifer T. Garrison
Holter F. Graham ’90
Holly Gunts ’65
Jenness E. Hall
Catherine Zamoiski Halprin ’02
Mary Lou Hanley ’65
Mary Dell Gordon Harlan ’65
Marilyn Harris-Davis ’71
Valerie A. Hartman
Michael S. Hopkins-Gross ’05
Martha Filbert Horner ’56

Gale Pyles Hunt ’70
Howard W. Jones ’60
Melynda M. Klausner
Shannon Lattik Koinzan ’90
Jessica Owen Kostelnik ’95
Robert L. Kriel ’55
Emily Lamasa ’03
Jane Latshaw Lancaster ’95
Stephen L. Levinson ’60
Dahira Lievano-Binford ’81
Joan Sullivan Little ’82
Karin Witz Littlefield ’65
Caroline Mallonee-Heubner ’93
Alice Collins Margraff ’85
Lauren S. Marks ’07
Lorinda Rugemer McColgan ’56
Lisa C. McKissick ’83
Anne Mickle
Patricia Fiol Morrill ’55
Russell E. Morris ’65
Daniel G. Motz ’95
Elijah Muhammad ’12
Rebecca Murphy
Patricia Mutascio
Jacob A. Nyman ’90

Alexander B. Pabst ’05
Sara L. Paul ’05
Mather C. Preston ’97
Lisa Mitchell Pitts ’70
Stephen D. Prichett ’87
Joe C. Ramage ’60
Carl B. Robbins ’70
William M. Rubenstein ’90
Jahan C. Sagafi ’90
Mark S. Saudek ’85
Beth Schelle
Garrett M. Smith ’97
Marion S. Smith
Christina Forsting Taler ’05
Pamela W. Tate
Lisa M. S. Thompson
Patrica Peake Tisdale ’55
Gus Warren ’90
Mark D. Westervelt ’70
Thomas J. Whiteford ’85
Samantha L. Williamson ’00
Ann McAllister Windsor ’60
Katherine G. Windsor ’85
James W. Yolles ’00
Rachel D. Zamoiski ’00
"As an alumnus and the father of two Friends graduates, I know the need for scholarships continues to grow and that gifts to the Friends School endowment have a long-lasting impact on the community. My campaign commitment reflects my love for Friends and my belief in the transformative educational opportunities that a strong endowment creates."
Frank Bond '69, P '98, '05
5114 North Charles Street | Baltimore, MD 21210 | 410-649-3200
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