Why We Give

Every gift tells a story

"Friends School held me together after my dad died at the end of 8th grade. I am forever in their debt."
Norlian Heath Landheim 

“FSB gave so much not only to me but also to my two uncles, my mother and my two sisters."
Betsy Wagner ’64

“Friends School elevated who I am.”
David Fakunle ’05

“I am amazed by what our students are doing and by what they go on to do. When I give to Friends, I am supporting those who will instill change and do good in the world.”
A Friends School Employee

“I give to Friends in the names of both my grandchildren who are thriving at Friends.”
 Pat Wheltle

“I give because I believe in our school’s mission to educate the whole child, because I value our Quaker principles and because I have loved being part of this community, as a teacher, for the last 25 years.”
Cindy Burggraf

“Because I love the person my child is becoming!”
A Lower School Parent 

“Most of the things that I value at this point in my life were things that I learned at Friends. I mostly recognize Mr. Nicolls and Mr. Forbush…I learned more at Friends than I have at other institutions, like college and law school.”
Nicholas Young ’64

“Friends makes my heart sing!”
Hadley Feiss

“I give to Friends because I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful families and students.”
Kara Stephen

We give because Friends is a school that celebrates and nurtures my daughter’s individuality, and that
is very important to us.”
Lloyd Burdette

“Why do I donate to Friends? ‘For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.’ I received a good education at Friends and want others to have the same.”
Arlene Dannenberg Bowes ’68

“It is a beacon that must be tended.”
An alumnus

“The reasons I give include my appreciation for the many years I spent there, the Benefits my daughter received…and my continuing belief that the education provided by Friends School and the principal and ethical standards the School set a high standard for learning in the Baltimore area.
Liz Kohn Moser ’47

“I taught at Friends School for 25 years;I learned so much.”
Claire Ebeling

“I give to Friends to support this incredible institution. I am proud to work at Friends because of the entire community and because of the kids that I teach and coach.”
Judy Turnbaugh

“Because I believe in Friends!”
Meredith van den Beemt

“Our three children who graduated from Friends in 1987, 1994 and 1996 are enjoying rich lives, earned in a large way from their experiences at Friends School. For that, and for all that you continue to do, we want to show our appreciation.”
Janet and Wayne Ries

“As a graduate of the Class of 1956, I contribute to Friends School every year. The Class has maintained close contact over the years and the Jeziorski Scholarship continues to keep the Class close.”
Lorinda Rugemer McColgan ’56

“Because Friends helped me become who I am today.”
David Ray ’06

“I loved my years at Friends. My education set me up for both the trials and the successes of life.”
Adrian Hughes ’63

“Not long after my mother, Emma Belle  Wagner ’38 died, my father, sisters and I set up a scholarship fund in her name to help with tuition costs for young girls who were or wanted to become FS students. I find it important to give to her fund on an annual basis.”
Louise Rengaw Wagner ’69

“We continue to be contributors because of the positive impact the school has had on generations of families, ours included.”
Tad and Margaret Jacks

“Because of what Friends did for our children. ”
The Sheltons

“My wife Helen’s father taught there, her mother worked there and she graduated there. In the late sixties, I clerked the Education Committee of Stony Run which served as the trustees of the School. We think you do good work. Keep it up.”
Winslow Womack

“My 18 years at Friends were the best of my 45 years in education.”
Pam Zavitz

“My husband, Patrick, and I were honored to give this year, and we will continue to do so for as long as we can.”
Rashawnda Ungerer ’94

“Best School in U.S.!”
Current parent

“I give, and will continue to give, because my grandchildren went to Friends.”
Julia Held

“Although our son, David, was just at Friends for his last two years of high school, it was a very happy time for him.”

John & Mary Snead

“Because I should! I believein the Quaker tenants of love, simplicity and service. ”
Robert Marra

“We give to Friends because our grandsons attend. Through them, we have learned about the wonderful, broad and innovative education they are receiving. Their activity in sports and the arts is impressive. Plus that, the teachers and staff give their all to make Friends a great school. We want that to continue!”
Polly Behrens

[I give because I greatly value the Friends education philosophy as a parent and uncle of multiple alumni.]
Richard Thayer

“Because we want the wonderful programs  the School offers to continue!”
Trish Backer-Miceli ’83

“This community celebrated both my sons gifts and they thrived here.”
Lisa Meagher

“Because of FSB our daughters have become their best selves.”
Paul and Beulah Sabundayo

“I realize the value of a Friends School education and I’m also pleased with the Quaker philosophy. My son attended from 7th through 12th grade and, even though he passed away, I know that the education and the community helped to make his life better. He made good friends and I appreciate the difference that it made in my son’s life…I’m willing to do what I can to support the school so that someone else can have that kind of an education too.”

Yvonne Holton

“I give to Friends because it is an exemplary institution.”
Alice Cherbonnier

“I loved Friends. It was some of my best years growing up. Many of the friends I have today are from Friends. I love being in touch with them.”
Pat Peake Tisdale ’55

“It is an honor for us to donate to Friends School.”
Alvaro Muñoz

“We all need to show our support of this tremendous community.”
John Scott

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