We have reason to smile!

The parents and students of the Class of 2019 would like you to be the first to hear this exciting update about the Senior Family Gift Effort to air condition the “Old Gym.” This year, the Class of 2019 set the ambitious goal of raising $170,000 towards the air conditioning project by January 31st so the School could begin construction and finish in time for Senior Awards Day and Graduation (in case of rain). With 95% of the goal raised, the School has decided to move forward while the committee continues their fundraising efforts!
Many thanks to the parents and students on the committee who have been a part of this effort, which significantly impacts our entire community by providing a more comfortable venue for some of the most important yearly events on campus.
Parent committee: Matt and Laurie Haas, Co-Clerks, Lynne Anonye, Neil and Densua Bloom, Nina Guise-Gerrity, Bill and Kelly Hardy, Mark and Mindy Klausner, John and Elizabeth Linehan, Sasha Loffredo and Stephen Whitmore, Andrew and Martha Marani, Anne and Marty McGinty, Dan Moylan ’88 and Heidi Moylan, Rebecca Murphy, Larry Nathans, Steve Prichett ’87 and Laura Prichett, Martha and Morrie Ruffin, Marcee and Andrew Senker, Derek and Melissa Tidwell, Mark and Sherri Weinman, Jinyun Zhang

Student committee: Sofia Geocadin, Sam Haas, Kai Jenrette, Charlie Lebowitz, Sophie Lizmi, Ali Mosmiller, Lindsey Mosmiller, Bria Randolph, Kate Seim, Jonah Senker, Lulu Whitmore, Tara Wright
Note about the Senior Family Gift Effort. Since 1989, the parents and students of the senior class raise funds towards a special gift effort that honors and celebrates their time at Friends. Think Picnic Glade, Mission Fund and the Field Comfort Station. The Class of 2019 set a total goal of $200,000 and 100% participation towards two gifts: the air conditioning project and an unrestricted contribution to The Fund for Friends. This special two-part gift will benefit our current and future students, which was the hope of the Class of 2019 families.
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