• In the art studio, Lulu Whitmore '19 puts finishing touches on her original mural, which will be installed in the Friends School Dining Hall

Off to work!

Each May since 1994,Friends seniors have left campus to shadow professional mentors in a variety of workplaces. Like our University Partnership Program, these Senior Work Projects  (SWP) are one more way Friends prepares students by providing them with opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge in real-world settings. The students keep journals throughout their month-long work experiences. Following are excerpts from a few of these.

Lindsay Mosmiller ’19
SWP: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Physical- and Occupational Therapy
Matriculation: University of Delaware

“On Tuesday I was shadowing in the ALS clinic. I got the chance to sit in on two Assistive Technology Appointments. I was able to see the options for one to use as the disease progresses and one is unable to talk. It was really interesting to see the different types of technology that one can use. I got the chance to try out the eye Gaiser, which is a type of technology that allows you to use your eyes to communicate. On Wednesday I was back to acute care shadowing an occupational therapist. I really like shadowing in acute care because you never know what to expect or what could happen to your schedule.”

Joshua Sewell ‘19
SWP: b.well Connected Health, consumer-centered healthcare management platform administrator
Matriculation: University of Pennsylvania

“One interesting thing that I have worked on is brainstorming ideas to make their app more engaging for users. I also sat in a couple meeting with business partners and potential clients. Today I started working with another intern who recently graduated from college on some bigger and more interesting projects that will hopefully contribute to the company. I was tasked with doing some research and coming up with ideas on how to improve the company’s social media presence. I will be creating graphics and posts for their various social media pages to enhance customer interaction and marketing…I created some social media posts, did some Spanish translations for the website, and wrote articles for the app. I enjoyed writing content pieces for the app about different things related to mental and physical health. I found it interesting and they will actually be going up on the app, so I feel like I contributed something.

Kyle Weinman ‘19
SWP: WTMD-FM, Radio Broadcasting
Matriculation: Bates College

“Alex and I are working together and he has been good company with all of the busy work that we’ve been doing…but the most fun is when we get to sit in on recordings with Sam Sessa. He’s really friendly, and is great at showing us how the recording aspect of radio works. The first day he showed us how to record a promo, and today we helped him create a session called, “Baltimore Hit Parade”, where the station features local Baltimore artists. It’s really fascinating how he fits all of the songs together and the rules on transitioning between two songs. Also I was really interested on how he changes his style of voice to sound more charismatic and interesting.”

Cover: For her senior work project, Lulu Whitmore ’19 worked in consultation with Friends administrators and the Art Department to design and paint a new mural for the School Dining Hall. The mural incorporates historic imagery representing Friends School, its Quaker heritage and deep connection to social justice in Baltimore City. Said Lulu, “This project has taken me way longer than a month, but I am really enjoying it.” Lulu will attend Williams College in the fall.
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