Alumni Board chairs welcome future members to its rolls

More than a decade after graduating from Friends, David Ray ’06 and Lauren Marks ’07, co-chairs of the Alumni Association Board, took to the Forbush stage during morning Collection to speak with Upper School students about that organization’s role in strengthening the School community.
“I was a lifer at Friends and over those 13 years I formed a lot of strong connections to the School. It was that strong connection that I felt, and still feel, to Friends that led me to get involved after graduation,” said Ray.
Comprising more than 5,500 alumni from across the U.S. and the world, the Friends School Alumni Association, through its 23-member Board, sponsors career networking and social action events and also helps drive fundraising for the School, according to Ray.
But it is the relationships students form with each other and with their teachers that is at the heart of the Alumni Association’s work, Ray explained. Recalling a conversation he had a few years after graduation with beloved Upper School math teacher Carl Schlenger, he shared, “I’ll be the first to admit, and I’m sure Mr. Schlenger would agree, that I was not his smartest Calculus student, nor was I particularly easy to teach or deal within a classroom. But there was still a connection that I felt to Mr. Schlenger and the time spent in his classroom.
“And it’s those connections that will last over the next 25 years like they have for me and my classmates. It’s those connections that will draw you back to the School and the Friends Community. And it’s those connections that the Alumni Association Board serves to embrace and strengthen.”
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