FSB student run radio play to debut on Friday, April 9

Who is the Lead Rings Murderer?

Who is responsible for the grisly murders plaguing San Francisco?

Nobody knows except Lancelot T. Terrierre, the host of radio’s most exciting adventure show, “The Hummer.” Lance reveals that he not only knows who the murderer is, but he has also locked himself and his crew into the studio with the culprit and plans to expose the murderer to the public live on the air!

As the radio show begins, strange things begin to happen. There is the murder mystery that is unfolding on the air and the murder mystery that is simultaneously happening in the studio. As the play progresses, both plots fuse into one. Every time a murder is discussed on the air, a murder takes place in the studio! Show ratings are going up as actors are going down! As the show unfolds, we challenge you to guess who the killer is and how the murders in the studio are being committed. Nobody will know who the real Lead Rings Murderer is until the very end; only then will you see the ingenious method the murderer has used to silence the radio cast.

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Cast List:
Claire Carducci ‘23
Luke Caldwell ‘23
Connor Ennis ‘24
Miller Gruen ‘23
Parker Hollendoner ‘21
Jackson Long ‘23
Maeve Reichert ‘24
William Scharpf ‘22
Noah Sheasby ‘24
Cori Strain ‘23
Allie Thorne ‘22
Maria Angelos ’21  -  Director
Jonathan Ellwanger ’22  -  Assistant Director
Minea Stayman ’22 – Stage Manager
Sophia Walper ’21 – Lighting Designer
Wes Chamberlin ‘ 21 – Foley Artist
Keller Handwerk ’24 – Foley Artist
5114 North Charles Street | Baltimore, MD 21210 | 410-649-3200
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