Building their math muscles

Parents and caretakers of 1st through 5th graders rolled up their sleeves and got mathy recently during an evening of problem solving, strategizing, and fellowship centered on the Lower School’s Singapore math curriculum. (Singapore consistently ranks at the top of international assessments of student achievement in math, particularly for grades K-6.)
The information session, led by homeroom teachers Claire Kundhi (1st), Cindy Burggraf (2nd), Judy Sandler (3rd), Jillien Lakatta (4th), Alexis Creevy (5th), and Technology Integrator Andy Hanes, engaged the 70 participants who turned out in hands-on sessions devoted to number sense and mental math, place value concepts, and bar modeling, a signature problem solving tool used in Singapore to help learners visualize word problems.
“So many people think they don’t like math or that they simply can’t do it, but brain research is showing us that everyone can learn math to high levels,” said Hanes. “As parents we need to be examples so that we don’t inadvertently share our math phobias with our kids. That’s a big part of why we host Math Night every year.”
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