Board of Trustees

Members of the Friends Board of Trustees play an important role in the life of the School. The fundamental responsibility of a trustee is to protect and advance the interests of the School and its various constituencies in ways consistent with the School’s mission and with all applicable law. Friends School board members meet four sets of expectations: diligence, loyalty, compliance, and advancement.

2017-2018 Board of Trustees

Trish Backer-Miceli '83
Herbert Burgunder, III
Kitty Bryant '75
Melissa Bryant
Caryl Connor '79
Lee Deitch
Christopher Feiss '80
Nicholas Fessenden
Jon Garman '75
Jeffrey Gonya
Barbara Katz
Laurel Kiser 
Michael Klausner '18
John Linehan
Pamela Loeb
Charles Mallonee, II
Kathryn Pettus
Robert Pierce
Stephen Prichett
Mia Redrick
Paul Sabundayo
Louise Smith
Richard Thayer
Betsey Todd
Meredith van den Beemt
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