Strategic Plan

Friends is very excited to have entered into strategic planning; through this process, we will strive to meet the emerging needs of students, the adult professional community and families while maintaining the quality and spirit our community has provided for 233 years. The 19 committee members will be challenged to think differently, find creative solutions and develop a plan that makes a long-term positive impact on the School.

The Strategic Planning Committee is involve in a design-thinking process that will explore the many ideas that will fuel our mindset and create a roadmap for adaptive change.
We have engaged our community so that all who are invested in the School (parents, alumni, students, trustees, faculty) have the opportunities to contribute their voices and help to uncover the School’s most pressing issues. 

Strategic Areas of Focus

We aim to meet the needs of our time, our place, our students and their families by living out our unique and foundational identity as a Quaker school.

1. For FSB to be understood as the most valuable investment a Baltimore family can make in its children’s future.
2. For FSB to be more meaningfully in Baltimore, of Baltimore, and for Baltimore, by reflecting the diversity of the city, engaging in deep and authentic learning within the community, and catalyzing dialogue, collaboration, and understanding across traditional divides.  
3. For FSB to share its Quaker values within the internal and external communities, expanding and deepening our role in fostering civil discourse in a time of rancor, social engagement in an era of fragmentation, and conflict resolution skills in an age of rising tensions.
4. For FSB to be at the forefront of the ongoing exploration of what “school” should be in order to understand the changing dynamics and implications of the modern world, locally and globally.  To be a local and national thought leader on issues of teaching and learning and an exemplar of thoughtful innovation in the educational field.  To use our expertise in these areas to effectively serve a wide range of learners from diverse backgrounds.

5. For FSB to evolve to meet the needs of modern families from admission through graduation and beyond, serving as a resource and a trusted partner in all aspects of our families’ journeys, and as an inclusive and responsive community for all our members.

The Outcome

Create a succinct and ambitious roadmap to guide Friends School over the next five years in a number of strategic areas.

The Process

A committee comprised of board members, faculty, staff and administrators gather input from the Friends community, the Baltimore community and the larger educational world to frame the goals and strategies to move the School forward as a leader in 21st-century education. Carla Silver and Greg Bamford, from Leadership + Design, are consulting and guiding the strategic planning process. 

How can you be involved?

Community participation is a critical component of the strategic planning process; groups of parents and students gathered in the ZAC to share their insights and experiences and over 100 parents, employees, board members, and alumni participated in a “curated conversation” and strategic planning workshop. The deep thinking, ideas, and insights that came from our community have  played a critical role in helping us chart the course for the school’s next 233 years.  As the process moves forward, the committee will continue to engage our community in meaningful ways. 


Contact Matt Micciche at mmicciche@friendsbalt.org.
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