• Unsung Heroes nominees Chris Shephard and Bianca Washington

Seniors Chris Shephard, Bianca Washington represent Friends at 2015 Unsung Heroes Banquet

The McCormick Foundation on Monday evening, May 4, 2015 at the Valley Mansion in Cockeysville, hosted its 75th annual Unsung Hero Banquet celebrating high school Seniors from across Maryland. These seniors have been selected by their coaches and school administrations as athletes deserving of the title Unsung Hero in football and women’s basketball.

This year’s nominees from Friends School were Chris Shephard, a four-year Varsity Football player, and Bianca Washington, who has played Varsity Basketball over three seasons. Both were excellent candidates for this award based on their outstanding work ethic and leadership skills.

Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, delivered the keynote address, which focused on leadership, sportsmanship and hard work. "He talked about how lessons learned on the playing field, whether as a starter or someone who comes off the bench, help you to develop life-long skills for success after your school days are done," says Anne McGinty, Associate Athletic Director/Director of Physical Education. "It was an incredible evening for our nominees and their parents."
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