Thomas Starr ’09 and Hungry Harvest are helping to reduce food waste and feed hungry families.

Thomas Starr ’09 developed his passion for the food industry while helping to launch the Baltimore Food Co-op. Today he works for the startup company Hungry Harvest, as operations manager. The mission of Hungry Harvest is to reduce food waste and feed hungry families in Baltimore and surrounding areas. “We buy recovered produce (perfectly good fruits and vegetables that grocery stores don't take for cosmetic reasons) from farmers and wholesalers and deliver them to our customers.” Thomas has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and credits Friends School for “grooming me into a socially conscious and social impact-oriented individual…everything that we do at Hungry Harvest aligns with the Friends School values of community, integrity and stewardship.” An interview with Hungry Harvest’s CEO will be airing on ABC’s hit series “Shark Tank” January 8th at 9pm EST.  To read more visit Hungry Harvest.
5114 North Charles Street | Baltimore, MD 21210 | 410-649-3200
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