Move over, Peterson's!

Seated with Kindergarten students in the Lower School MakerSpace, science teacher David MacGibeny taps his I-pad and a solitary bird’s song fills the air. “Does anyone know what it is?” he asks, settling his gaze on a brown-eyed girl with a mop of dark curls. “Scarlett, can you tell us?” “It’s a chick-a-dee-dee-dee!” she responds, giggling as her classmates mimic the bird’s clear, high call. MacGibeny repeats the process, emitting calls from a crow, a sparrow, a hawk. Each time, the children identify the bird correctly. It’s an impressive feat, as is the giant 3-D campus map the students have created. Dotted with buildings to scale, trees, rocks, and even the Charles Street traffic light, the map features pop-up pictures of various birds in the spaces where they tend to feed and nest. “We were birding and looking at a map when we had the idea to make a 3-D map, instead of a 2-D map, so we would remember where the birds are,” Aaron Hair-Ralston explained to special guest Matt Micciche. The Head of School had dropped in on the class to admire the map and to test his own birding knowledge.
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