Tall in the saddle

Competing in her first national horse riding competition in Ocala, Florida, during spring break, Chloe Canter ’24 received the highest point tally out of 16 participants in her age class to earn the championship title. The diminutive 5th grader and her pony, Lola, placed 5th in the “walk-trot-canter” event during the first day of competition. “She was going too fast,” Chloe said of the pony, “but I was happy. I figured 5th place out of 16 people is pretty good!” She subsequently added 2nd and 1st place ribbons to her collection after twice skillfully taking Lola through an obstacle course studded with approximately 20, 2 ½-foot jumps. The Florida sun was hot that afternoon and Chloe and Lola were cooling off under a shady tree, not paying attention, when the announcer delivered the day’s results over the loudspeaker. “I was talking to my friend and she told me I had won,” said Chloe, who had previously competed in approximately 30 local and regional shows, earning over 70 ribbons, according to her beaming father, Todd Canter. Describing the many steps involved in grooming, feeding, and equipping an 800-lb. animal for a regional competition, Todd noted, “We wake up at 3:45 am for shows." The next national competition is set for this December. In the meantime, Chloe will continue her four day a week training regimen while she pursues her long-term goal: to participate in the Pony Finals in Kentucky in 2018. “It’s a big competition,” she says. Giddy up!
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